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Constrio’s commitment to ongoing learning delivers superior representation for manufacturers. It also drives us to ensure design professionals are up to date on new and innovative materials, building code changes and product updates. We are dedicated to being an informed and reliable resource for our clients, and helping the industry build better buildings more efficiently.

Our seminars are delivered in a lunch ‘n’ learn format by skilled presenters. This is a convenient and efficient format that allows us to bring design professionals up to speed on industry changes over a nice lunch. Some of our seminars are available via video stream.


Monolithic Waterproofing of Foundations (vertical, horizontal, blindside & full tanking), Liquid Applied Air-barriers & Metal Roofs

NaturaSeal is a Canadian company manufacturing cold liquid applied, non-toxic, VOC-free, instant-setting, dual-component liquid membranes. They offer various solutions including, liquid applied air-barrier, foundation waterproofing, above & below grade structures and roofs. Their UV resistant products can be applied to green concrete, both indoors and outdoors, and to a wide variety of substrates (EPS, plywood, concrete, blocks, metals, etc.). Application temperatures allow us to install systems down to -15 degrees C. Their liquid membrane solutions are innovative, environmentally friendly, and completely unique.


All systems have the following advantages:

• Monolithic systems

• Speed of execution

• Application on green concrete

• Versatile application (rain and cold down to -15C)

• Cold applied – Safe

• VOC free – Eco-friendly

• Made from residue from the asphalt industries


In this presentation, we will cover the following topics:

• About Naturaseal

• Waterproofing of foundations with an emphasis on blindside walls and full tanking systems: Sprayseal-NS F300 & Sprayseal NS-F300 + GE

• Liquid air barrier: Airseal LP & HP

• Metal roof: Sprayseal NS-R200

• Manufacturer support & warranty

The Next Generation of Spray Foam

BASF creates more than just chemicals – they create chemistry for sustainable construction. As your building partner, BASF has solutions and expertise designed to meet the challenges of the increasingly more stringent building codes and for all types of construction.


In this presentation, we are going to be talking about exciting updates and new technical information regarding Sprayfoam and how Sprayfoam can be an integral solution to the energy efficiency code regulation implemented on December 27, 2021.


Spray Foam is a category of high-performance insulation and also acts as an air/vapour barrier material that offers an alternative to traditional building insulation.  Due to spray foam’s unique properties, it has the ability to fill the gaps and holes in hard-to-reach areas.  Spray foam is a great investment by helping to lower energy consumption through reduced air leaks and improved energy efficiency to create a comfortable building.  Sprayfoam is unique because it can expand many times its original size to cover surfaces, creating a seamless barrier that fills gaps, holes, and stops air leaks.


In this presentation, we will cover the following topics:

•About BASF

•New HFO government requirements

•Dec 27, 2021 Energy code changes and the solutions available to you

•New approved applications with Walltite CM01

•Manufacturer support

Exterior Siding for Non-Combustible Buildings

This presentation will focus on exterior cladding and masonry options for non-combustible buildings.  The presentation is full of technical information for all products lines, samples to touch and feel and project photos.  All the products presented are compatible for non-combustible projects and will bring different design elements to allow you the freedom to create without restrictions. 


We will review the following:



– Longboard

– Quick Panel

– Distinction/Moderno



– SpectraGlaze

– Yankee Hill

– Brampton Brick

– Richvale

– Westbricks

Aluminum & Steel Building Envelope Design Ideas

This course will bring new & innovative exterior envelope design solutions available to you.  We will present materials that fit all budgets, building code requirements and construction types. This presentation will not only show you different exterior building envelop materials, but we will dive deep into their technical properties and demonstrate case studies.

Masonry: New Products, New Designs and Everything You Need to Know About Masonry Trends in 2023

Agrémat is a company recognized in the market for their exclusive masonry products. They specialize in the radiance of masonry and concrete products for the construction and renovation industry.  With an impressive range of products, they have everything you need to bring your vision into reality.